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About the Director

Angela Schlessman

     Angela started playing the violin when she was 3 1/2 years old, under Hwa Sun Loh and then continued studies with Pam deWall Wiley. 

     When she was 7 years old, she had set her goal to be a violin teacher and not wavering from her decision, she started Suzuki teacher training classes at age 15. Knowing she would have to repeat those classes because she was not 18, did not deter her from pursuing her dreams of becoming a violin teacher. 

     With those few classes behind her, she started teaching in Cumberland County Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania, in September of 1993 right before her 16th birthday.  She then added lessons in Adams County in 2011. 

     Below is her Suzuki education training after she turned 18 years old. 



Every Child Can!                                                       2007 Joan Krzywicki

Suzuki Principles in Action                                         2013 Nancy Jackson

Violin Unit 1                                                                    2009 Liz Arbus

Violin Foundation 1A                                           1996 Martha Shackford

Violin Foundation 1B                                           1997 Martha Shackford

Violin Unit 2                                                       1998 Martha Shackford

Violin Unit 2                                                2010 Elizabeth Stuen-Walker

Violin Unit 3                                                       1999 Martha Shackford

Violin Unit 3                                                            2010 Marilyn O'Boyle

Violin Unit 4                                                                  2000 Ronda Cole

Violin Unit 4                                                              2010 Sharon Miller

Violin Unit 5                                                        2001 Thomas Wermuth

Violin Unit 6                                                             2002 Nancy Jackson

Violin Unit 7                                                                 2004 Roger Stieg

     In 2009 she was introduced to the O'Connor Method from its inception which incorporates music from the Americans that show different styles of music such as rags, folk tunes and Americana.  To give her students a variety of music, she interjects this style along with other classical pieces not in the Suzuki repertoire into her teaching to give a variety to be well rounded musicians.

Other Accomplishments:

* Angela received as a child the Liberace award in 1986.

* Played as a child under the direction of Pam deWall Wiley with the       Harrisburg Symphony for their children's concerts. 

* Played with Messiah College Orchestra from 1998-2000.

* Played with Vince Gill at his Hershey Christmas performance in 1998.

* Served 6 years on the board of CPSA (Central Pennsylvania Suzuki Association), and 6 years on the board of HAFSC (Harrisburg Area Flute and Strings Chapter). 

* Served as Vice President for HAFSC for 2 years then an additional 2 years as President.

* Angela also has directed many shows not only for her studio performances but also in the community.

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"No matter what, always do your best not someone else's.  No matter what the task at hand may be."

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