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What Families Are Saying . . .

If love is deep, much can be accomplished

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki


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"From the beginning, Angela was patient, encouraging, and proactive in finding ways to make learning violin fun for a young, active child.  My son has at times lacked confidence in his ability to try something new or to make mistakes.  Angela encouraged my son even when he felt like he could not do more by creating games and activities that were fun for him".

     - Alejandra 2021 Parent


“As a student of Angela for over eight years, I am certain that I have received the best instruction in learning how to play the violin and exposure to music in general.  While studying with Angela, I have gained an incomparable knowledge of music and violin techniques.  I started playing when I was about 10 years old through my school.  Soon after, my parents and I earned of Angela through a friend.  I kept studying with her all the way up to my graduation from high school and the summer before college.  Angela primarily teaches the Suzuki method, which places a high value on learning how to play by ear.  I remember this was especially difficult for me.  However, with her constant support and belief in me, I was soon able to pick up songs using only my ear, just like she promised I would.  Picking up the instrument a bit later than most of the other kids in the studio, I was also faced with the challenge of being far behind everyone else my age.  Angela has high expectations for the student to practice and listen to the recordings.  As long as you put in the work, you will reap the benefits of improving.  As time passed and I practiced diligently, I finally worked up to playing with the kids my age.  A bit more time passed and by then, I found that I was even surpassing my class and playing a few songs with "the big kids".  Then, before I knew it, I was "the big kid" and playing these incredibly difficult songs.  I attribute my growth in playing to Angela teaching me to persevere and to work hard in order to get to that higher level.  She knows exactly how to explain difficult concepts in a way that I can relate to and understand, which helped me to get through those difficult pieces.  Even with my sometimes wavering self-confidence in my abilities, Angela never let me forget that she had faith in me.  As a teenager just trying to get through my awkward years, this is still one of the best gifts she has ever given me.  Angela truly is a special kind of person.  She always puts her students and the studio first, and treats every student like the unique, great kid that they are.  I was a very shy and relatively guarded child when I first started with Angela but it didn't take long for me to trust her and to consider her as not only my teacher but also my friend.  She was someone I could confide in and relate to if I was having trouble, not only with violin, but with my life in general.  If you study with Angela, you are not only gaining the best violin instruction, but you are also gaining someone who will genuinely care about you, give you endless support, and will have a constant faith in your abilities.  I am so grateful to have had her as my teacher all these years.”

- Julia 2016 - Student

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"For the past nine years, our daughter played violin with Angela's Harmony Violin Studio.  We can not express how valuable these individual and group lessons have been.  Angela has a unique gift of teaching violin techniques in a fun and challenging way.  It has been a great joy watching our daughter, as well as all of the studio participants, grow."

- Jocelyn 2021 Parent

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"My daughter was a student from 2001 to 2006.  Angela did an excellent job teaching my daughter and keeping her motivated.  Angela kept her and other students motivated by rewarding each student with a trophy after the student had accomplished 100 days of consecutive practice.  This motivated my daughter so much that she practiced every day for 1,100 days.

     Angela encouraged her students to be expressive and creative.  This was often seen in Angela's choice of music for group lessons.  During group lesson a student could be seen playing "between their legs" or "bowing" a nearby student's violin.

     We saw Angela affectively manage students from three years of age through young adults.  We saw this in action during her group lessons as well as when the students performed at various venues.     We were first drawn to Angela's studio because of the various performance opportunities that she mad available to her students.  My daughter enjoyed these opportunities to play in a group and it increased her desire and ability to play the violin.

     Angela continually increased her knowledge of music and her ability to perform.  While she encouraged students to attend conferences, she herself attended conferences which enabled her to further her own abilities as a teacher and student.

     Angela is an excellent teacher and I recommend her to anyone desiring to learn to play the violin or further their ability of the instrument."

       - Denise 2011 - Parent
















..."Her patience with her students warrants particular commendation.  My seven-year old has a communication/behavior disorder that makes her particularly challenging to teach.  Angela's willingness to adapt and modify to meet my daughter's special needs has been exceptional ---and as a result my daughter has made significant progress on her instrument.  My daughter owes much to the patience and skills of her dedicated teacher!  She is a superlative teacher and her dedication to the principles of Suzuki teaching is a credit to the Suzuki organization."

     - Karen 2011 Parent

"We are so thankful for you and the love that you pour out into the lives of your students."

- Toni 2019 Parent

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Thanks for your commitment to the children and persevering by learning how to teach online"

- Marisa 2020 Grandparent

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"We appreciate all that you do for the benefit of your students.  You go over and above to accommodate schedules and conflicts.  You even give gentle, patient reminders to we parents who stare blankly back at you regarding information you "spelled out" in your emails and newsletters. . . ."

- Beth 2020 - Parent



..."I really want to thank you for all that you taught me.  I learned how to play the violin, but I also really learned to love the violin and love playing music.  I learned that there is something very tangible in feeling music, and that music is so much more than notes.  You really do have a difficult job in trying to communicate that to children whose attention spans are so small.  I don't know how, but you certainly found a way to grab my attention with the violin. ... So thank you for whatever you taught me when I was little about music.  I cannot articulate in words exactly what I was, but I know exactly what if feels like.  You helped me so much to develop a gift of mine, and you that me that it is most important not to keep it for myself but to share it.  You also helped to teach me to appreciate the music of others and enjoy their gifts."

- Megan 2016 Student

…"The recital was top notch, once again.  The kids did a great job, and so did you.  Thank you for all that you do for the children (and parents)."

- Andrea 2003 Parent

"Your studio is a 'light in the dark'!"

- David 2021 Parent & Grandparent

"My daughter studied with Angela for five years. During this time, Miss Angela placed the violin in her hands, gave her the critical fundamentals that she needed to grow as a musician, and guided her to expand her skills as a violinist and leader. My daughter attended private lessons, group lessons, and played in several recitals. Most impressive is Miss Angela’s steadiness. She works incredibly well with children since her teaching style and personality are consistent. She doesn’t over praise a child nor does she yell. She perseveres in working with the student to be the best player and person they can be. My husband and I are grateful for Miss Angela’s presence in our lives. She was the perfect teacher at the right time for our daughter. She inspired our daughter to do things that seemed to be impossible, like practicing hundreds of days in a row! Through our daughter’s struggles, Miss Angela was patient and caring, and ready to lead the way to a new discovery. Miss Angela is a blessing!"

- Kathleen 2014 Parent

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Thanmayah & Amrithaa Twinkle Graduation
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