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Harmony Violin Studio

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Highlighted Studio Policies

     Here are highlights of my studio policies, however once you decide that you would like to pursue lessons with me, I will send you a "Welcome Packet" via email with all of the information you'll need to know.

     My studio has evolved into a modified Suzuki method program, still putting a lot of emphasis on ear training, listening and parent involvement.  If you want to find out more information on the Suzuki method, please visit

     I would love to meet with you or you can observe me teaching to see if I am a good match for your child(ren).

     Parents are responsible for providing their child(ren) with all their supplies.  You are also to come along side your child(ren) and participate during their lessons and at home as we teach your child(ren) not only how to play the violin but also to be independent learners.  Parents are the key to their child(ren)'s success.

     My goal as your teacher is to instill in your child(ren) an appreciation for music, to build self-confidence, learn work ethics and to bring out the best of each student.  Since it is the desire to pursue lessons, daily practicing and listening is a must.  Lessons and practicing go hand in hand.

     Students are to learn how to play the violin, have an appreciation for music, learn life skills, participate in daily practicing and listening, have an open heart and mind to be willing to try something new or to look at a situation from a fresh point of view.

     Lessons are given all year round and are given in half hour increments unless you request an hour slot.  However, during the summer, you can choose how many lessons you would like to take.

     If I cancel lessons for any reason, I will make up those missed classes. 

     If for any reason, school events, sports, traveling, lack of practice, last minute trip, out of town guest, don't feel like having a lesson, the dog sat on your violin while the cat ate your music and the birds are chirping too loud to concentrate to practice etc., I will do my best to switch your lesson to another day that same week or virtual, however, if nothing can be arranged for that same week, you will forfeit your lesson time for that week with NO REFUND or make up class, and your lesson will resume the following week. 

     Sick days will be done virtually unless too sick by either party to participate and all snow days or inclement weather will be held virtually.  Lessons will also be given virtually if another world wide pandemic causes more shut downs.  By hook or by crook, you'll still be able to have a lesson. If you decide to take vacations or trips during the school year you can either skip your lesson for that week or you can take your lesson virtually.  No make ups will be given.

     Tuition is paid monthly unless you would like to pay by semester.  An invoice will be sent out at the end of the prior month before tuition is due.  There is a set number of lessons per semester and lesson fees are divided out evenly per month.  Tuition is due the first week of each month, if not, then a $10.00 late fee will be applied to your tuition.  Tuition is $115.00 a month for half hour lessons a week for one student along with group classes and performances (more details in your welcome packet).

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